I did have every intention of doing some running while I was on holiday, however it is surprisingly easy to ignore hotel treadmills while way from home. As for running outside, any one who has been to South East Asia will know that every square inch of land is either a paddy field or is occupied by more people and motorbikes per square inch than anywhere else on earth. In Saigon there was a long park on the boulevard outside our hotel that offered an opportunity to stretch the hamstrings and increase the heart rate. Due to the temperature and humidity the optimum time to use this area was between 4 and 6 am, something my mind and spring roll addiction had all contrived to make this an unlikely event.

So coming back after 3 weeks away to a summer time adjusted home, jet lag and temperatures easier to quote in degrees Kelvin, the thought of getting back into shorts and running shoes was far down the list of desirable things to do.

As it turned out, I managed to get in six runs in 9 days, including a 5 and 5.75 miler on the Sundays. This puts me back on course with a 10% build up on each previous long run, so training has started in earnest.


Sadly, I have to report my first injury. Stretching out the old hamstrings after the first run back, I noticed a blooded sock on my left foot. I hadn’t felt anything during the run and didn’t feel anything now, so I tentatively took off the sock to expose a horror show of gore. Actually a slightly badly trimmed toenail had scratched the neighbouring digit and disproportionately displayed a gruesome mess in my sock. A quick trim with the clippers and the sock in the wash, the drama was over and it hasn’t bothered me since.


Coming home to early darkness in the evenings has posed a few issues with training after work. Clipping the odd loose paving stone with my large plates and being smacked in the face with some low hanging foliage may make me rethink my midweek running schedule and run more from work and use my Fridays more affectively.

This was not to prove to be my only nemesis this week. Sue’s birthday was accompanied by a large chocolate cake conjured up by her friend Wendy. Two layers of chocolate sponge, swamped in chocolate icing and pebble dashed with calorie busting chocolate buttons tempted and then trashed me day after day for almost a week. This cost me dear in fast times and Gaviscon and was the reason why the last quarter of this birthday beast was shown the door.


The following paragraph contains descriptive grossness, so avoid if squeamish.

I mentioned in a previous entry that I did have a concern about nasal expulsions while out on the road. It was the second run since our return from abroad and I was about to leave Bedmond Lane to join the busier Hemel Hempstead Road. I felt a need to clear my passages and it may be there was extra congestion after a 13 hour air conditioned flight. But the second snort was not a pretty affair as it clung on to its previous home and I had to rapidly remove it with a swift action of hand up T-shirt. I was now running with something that resembled a badly positioned broach and felt obliged to hide it as best I can by folding the shirt over the offending area. I’m not sure what was worse, as this action exposed a large area of midriff and must have looked peculiar at best for the on coming traffic along King Harry Lane.

Distance run since last entry: 15.37 miles
Accumulative distance run: 100.35 miles
Distance cycled since last entry: 15.05 miles
Accumulative distance cycled: 95.24 miles