I was running out of photos for my blog entries. So on Thursday and took my Ixus and a baby tripod to catch some action during an interval run. Unlike my 650D, the Ixus only takes one image on a delay setting. So it wasn’t surprising that almost half the pictures I took contained a view up an empty road or a number of runner-less landscapes and woodland paths. I did get a few though.

On Saturday with belly full or porridge, ears full of a Danny Baker podcast and eyes admiring the sights from the 8:16 train to St Pancras, I was on my way to a Heart Runners’ training day organised by the BHF at their HQ near Mornington Crescent. It was a beautiful sunny, crisp Autumn day, perfect for a jog down to Regents Park for a bit of threshold training; ‘threshold’ training??

BHF HQ is on the fifth floor of a building strangely decorated on the outside with black cats! I had signed in, got my post exercise shower booked and had my running style analysed all by 9:30. It was time now for a chat with an interesting cross section of people drawn to this event with the same aim of preparing themselves for the big day.

After a brief introduction to what the day will bring, we exited the building in single file for a gentle warm up jog down to Regents Park. We arrived at an oval cinder track and were split into two groups to embark on differing levels of threshold running. It is jovially described as ‘controlled discomfort’ where you work at an 80-85% effort level in timed sessions. Unlike a normal conversation run, in a threshold run you should be able utter 4-5 words, probably to rudely describe the person suggesting you do this sort of training in the first place. Four three minute runs at this pace with 90 seconds recovery were enough to have you wandering if there was something else you could have been doing on this lovely weekend. As a treat when we had smugly completed this, we had to do it one more time before jogging back to base for some post exercise stretching, a well deserved shower, plate of spag bol and cup of tea.

The afternoon was packed with useful workshops on nutrition and hydration injury prevention, running styles, training schedules and fund raising ideas from Ed, who ran the London Marathon last year and very inventively explained his money raising ideas.

On the way home I attempted to digest this wealth of information along with half a pint at a pub showing the final stages of the All Blacks win over England. Diversion from the plan within 10 minutes!!

Keith and the Full Potential team had devised a schedule to maximize the potential of the individual (what it says on the tin). Where my Sunday run pace was always going to be my marathon pace, this regime of Kenyan hill runs, conditioning workouts and the new favourite, threshold running, will increase the pace so one can be in comfy chair and eating a Sunday roast half an hour earlier.

A bit worse for wear on Sunday morning, I devised a 60 minute run so I could rendezvous with a car the abandoned the night before. With 5 minutes to go, I bumped into one of my accomplices from the night before and we conducted an autopsy on the previous evening. I probably chatted for too long, because as I re-engaged with my running legs, I found they had virtually seized up. Lesson learned.

Distance run since last entry: 18.03 miles
Accumulative distance run: 118.38 miles
Accumulative distance cycled: 95.24 miles