It was beginning to feel like Groundhog Day with the continuing saga of my shoulder complaint. Fortunately, after another intense physio session had been applied to the offending area, the instant relief tandem-ed with a recommended reduction in training this week began to see the end of this episode.

Cutting my training by half meant only two Threshold legs instead of the usual four this week. This didn’t make them any more bearable, in fact I think I must be doing something wrong here as they are continuing to be a living nightmare. It is hard to judge what a precise percentage of one’s full effort is, so maybe I have to bring my speed down a bit instead of hugging the nearest lamp post in a spluttering heap on completion of each repetition. I don’t believe in “can’t”, so possibly I am suffering from “won’t” as I am still working on three minute reps instead of the recommended five minutes that I should be doing by now.

I have been wrestling with the conundrum of cutting down the exercise this week, followed by a busy Christmas, going away for three days before New Year and failing to keep up with the schedule. Hopefully January will bring me more clarity & focus and less injuries & obstacles.

It took an enormous effort to finally get down to the gym on Saturday, I really didn’t want to go especially after a late night out and a growing list of pre-Christmas things to get done before the 25th. I managed to endure just over an hour of biking, cross-training and stretching to banish the guilt before having a shower and getting on with Xmas chores. One such chore was a trip down to Runners World to find a solution for last weeks nipple episode. Unfortunately the only available shop assistant not dealing with shoe fittings or high tech clothing was the ‘Saturday girl’. In normal circumstances to utter the words ‘nipple rub’ to a young lady in a busy shop would have raised more than the odd eyebrow, but it was a rare occasion that it was a legitimate reason to do so. Oddly the Body Glide product I eventually purchased had an SP rating, which seemed odd at the time as I wasn’t expecting to run naked in the near future.

I stirred just before 8 am on Sunday morning, after enduring a late night ‘Strictly’ catch up, to a force 10 gale battering the side of the house. The best course of action was to go back to bed and resurface later, this I did and an hour further on we were now experiencing a bright sunny day. As I was only doing five miles today I took my Santa hat and went around the lanes to the Hollybush and back through Chiswell Green. I tried to keep under 9 minute miles today, which despite having to tiptoe through some of the larger puddles that straddled the lanes, I managed with plenty of time to spare.

Christmas is never a good time to ask people to sponsor you, but it is good thinking time for fundraising ideas to hit people with in the New Year. I have set up a light-hearted FaceBook page using Dipsy as my training partner to start raising awareness of what is to come. I’m planning a quiz night in February, some cake sales, a finishing time sweep stake as well as some pestering of local companies for raffle prizes or donations.

Merry Christmas everyone

Distance run since last entry: 11.25 miles
Accumulative distance run: 193.03 miles