It isn’t uncommon to find our cat appear from a hedge or shrub while walking back to the house, we even startled each other once in the road behind us while I was out for a run.

On one occasion Sue and I were off to Waitrose on foot as it was a pleasant evening and we only had a few things to get for our evening meal. As we wandered down Abbey Avenue, it soon became clear (by the jingling behind), that Dips was curious to what we were up to. He would soon reach the edge of his territory and let us go. Or so we thought.

We turned into Westfields and then into Rowlatt Drive, but he kept up his pursuit and regularly disappeared into one bush, only to appear the other side and carry on. It was thought, it would be best to pick him up and take him back, but he was not ready for that game and just eluded us at every attempt at capture. So we carried on.

At the end of Rowlatt Drive , we used the footpaths through the estate to make our way to Waitrose, and still he followed. It must be a good half a mile in total and we were rapidly approaching our destination. The dilema now was, does he come in with us or hang around in distress in the busy car park. The decision was made for Sue to wait just away from the car park while I completed the food purchase.

We then embarked on the journey home and sure enough he started to follow. We rather cruelly went through a chicane and hid aroun the 2nd corner. The poor little pudding started to cry and not wanting him to be any more distressed we revealed ourselves, which seem to calm him down. I’m sure he was thinking what bastards we were, but he hid it well.

He was obviously getting tired, and as we walked back down Rowlatt Drive he started to drop back a good 20 to 30 meters, breaking in to small canters when we stopped and called him. On one of these encouragement session, we noticed a large dark presence appear out of the bushes and lay in an intersept course for our flagging puss. This large black cat, looked like something from the film Ghost as it tracked Dips down the road. It was time to stop this charade and we walked back and managed to corall the Dip and carry him home to the safety of his furry slipper.