It was a spectacularly hot day, the mercury was close to it’s hottest ever. Shorts and T-shirts were on, fans were whirring tiredly on their bearings and the doors and windows of the house were inviting in what little breeze there was in the world.

Never able to resist an open door or window, Dips was in the front upstairs bedroom eyeing up this new escape route. Leaping onto the window sill, he tentatively made his way to the open window to survey all before him. His only option (apart from taking the stairs), was the small roof above the lounges’ bay window. It took a while, but this front paws started to slide down the wall until the inertia of his move took hold and he dropped onto the ledge below.

To his shock the ‘lead’ roof had had the sun beating down on it for nearly 6 hours and was now at paw melting temperatures. He preceded to frog march around this small area occasionally standing on alternate legs like a sand lizard.

A dilema lay ahead as the only way out was to hurl himself off the roof, 8 foot from the ground. Unfortunately, between the ledge and the ground is an less than inviting hawthorn bush.

Strangely he hasn’t done it again!