A flurry of emails started coming in from charities jostling for runners undecided on their fund raising exploits if they are ‘lucky’ enough to get an entry through the ballot. I arrived home one evening to a package from Virgin Money with my consolation rain jacket ¬†and a letter explaining that you can wear this while watching next year’s Marathon. Was I bothered? I had my place with the British Heart Foundation, so no!

Facebook was awash with messages of success or failure as a result of the ballot. Oddly it was those who didn’t get a place that were the happier and expressing feelings of relief. Friends, Chris Downing and Neil Turkington were both successful, both wondering what the hell they were thinking of entering in the first place.

I have started looking forward to my longer runs on Sundays, even though I have had to move two of them to accommodate white water rafting and an upcoming holiday. My last run on Friday was 7 miles which took about 65 minutes and consisted of a run around Gorehambury. I am lucky where I live that I am close to end of town and country lanes in Chiswell Green offer a whole range of distances from 3 to 10 miles in half mile chunks. I can put together any distance without having to repeat the scenery too much. These long runs have been in great weather lately, but as Winter approaches I need to make the most of it and will need to look at alternative running when the clocks go back at the end of the month.

This will be the last entry for a while as we are off on holiday for three weeks. I will take my kit but won’t be guaranteed any running if schedule, location or weather are not in my favour.

Distance run since last entry: 43.87 miles
Accumulative distance run: 84.98 miles
Distance cycled since last entry: 33.67 miles
Accumulative distance cycled: 80.19 miles