Luton Down

It’s funny how even after losing the playoff final, Luton fans can still grab a crumb of pleasure by singing “we ‘ate Watford” It was the same Luton fans who were told by the station supervisor that they had a 15 minute wait at Watford Junction for their connection, just so they can ‘ate Watford a little more. Only seconds later on the station platform a herd of Luton fans were waiting at Wembley Central when the wake of a high speed train removed most of the straw boaters and cast them onto the tracks where they were duly crushed (like their spirits) by the 17:13 to Milton...

Where am I?

Can’t believe they took a picture of EVERYONE at the record breaking Saracens match at Wembley so you can tag yourself on FB. I went to tag myself on the picture and it must have been when I nipped to the loo. Damnit!