London Marathon

Whether this was a good decision or not is yet to be realised, but I have managed to get a place in the 2014 London Marathon on April 13th. Not a good reason because I don’t actually like running, but we will see if I take a liking to pounding the streets, especially during the winter. I am keeping a blog to chart my progress in training and as an aid to fund raising. It can be read here... read more

Grim Challenge

A challenge It must have been late September when the summer was having its second wind that I thought the GRIM Challenge sounded like a bit of a giggle. It was billed as a cross country run along an army vehicle testing track with the odd water hazard, how hard could that be? But as the nights drew in, the mercury was falling and I was rapidly running out of willing companions that maybe I should think more about what I sign up for in future. There was a small reprieve in December as the event was called off due to the weather. The lighteights thought the access roads were not deemed safe for those to enter the event. All my training the week before in the Unicorn PH in the Lake District had all been in vain. One guy on GRIM’s Facebook page went by himself around the course and reported that ‘it wasn’t much fun doing it on his own’…idiot! The new date of January the 16th was announced, so potentially a colder time of year and a Christmas season’s worth of indulgence on the hips could scupper a record time on the course. Morning shower After a carb loading Saturday all that was required was a packed bag and a good nights sleep to ensure ultimate readiness. However, a dry mouth at 1.27 a.m. required attention, I fumbled for the glass of water on the bedside table and rather enthusiastically brought it to my mouth too quickly. On correcting this action, a huge gloop of water left the glass and covered my shoulder and pillow leaving... read more

Three Peaks

This adventure should have been renamed ‘The 3 misty peaks challenge’ or the ‘invisible summit slog’ as despite the time of year it was anything but sunny. Sadly, due to a bereavement, Yuki’s was unable to do the challenge with us, so Gordon, Morgan and myself were left to under take the challenge. It is Thursday evening and after a 10 hour haul up the motoways to Glasgow we were then treated to a more pleasing array of vistas up the side of Loch Lomond and through Glen Coe toFort William. However, the heavy showers in the latter part of the journey did little to lift the spirits for the days ahead. After stocking up with energy bars, fruit and pasta salads we headed for the Ben Nevis visitors centre to check conditions for the following day. ‘ Dreich’ was the verdict (feel free to look this up on the internet). We headed back to the pub to stuff our faces with high carb food and then retired to the hotel next door. It was a 6 o’clock wake up call for a 7 o’clock start. We were the second car in the car park, the first one still had some sleeping occupants, well I think they were asleep! Off we set, with any view of Ben Nevis obscured by the mountain in front. The air was fresh and the path clearly visible, we embarked on our challenge at 07:02. As we rounded the first mountain, we were greeted with splendid view of Ben Nevis, well we would have if it wasn’t shrouded in low cloud. It wasn’t long before we... read more