Ideas for fund raising.

Apart from the fiver I found at the beginning, I need to get fundraising. I want to maximise my efforts to get over the £2000 I have pledged to earn by doing some pre-marathon events. Selling Rocky Road and other cakes at work is a given, maybe other places too. But, I need some other ideas. Sponsoring the name to go on the shirt for starters, ‘Dipstick’ has already been muted. Not a flattering title, but one to raise a smile and some more money I hope. For anyone who is unaware, Dipstick is our cat and not a previous school nickname that has haunted me from the past.

Other races.

I have booked myself onto the Southwold 10K on Sunday 24th November. Despite the distance being less than my projected mileage by then, a race environment would be good experience. That, and a couple of pints of Broadside (the best beer in the world) in Southwold (the best place in the world) is always welcome.

There was an old woman…

As a change of scene for the long run this week, Sue dropped me off in Harpenden for the run back. It was a fresh morning and good conditions for the jog along the Harpenden Road, turn off into Childwickbury, across country to Batchwood and back up through Verulamium. All was going nicely until I approached the wooded path leading to Batchwood from Childwickbury. There I was, minding my own business and fly flew straight in my mouth and down my throat, it didn’t touch the sides. I stopped to convulse and choak to try and bring the little blighter up. With the fly expelled I composed myself and proceeded on a little red faced. A car approached from the private driveway, the driver wound down his window and proceeded to tell me that I made ‘him’ feel knackered. Did I really look that bad after just 2 miles? You wait until mile 25 next April mate, I’ll show you knackered.

Distance run this week: 11.41 miles
Accumulative distance run: 41.11 miles
Distance cycled this week: 23.13 miles
Accumulative distance cycled: 46.52 miles