Sick of  Pilates.

To compliment the long runs on Sundays some schedules suggested a rest day on Mondays, with Yoga or Pilates as a possible fill in.  Core strengthening has been on my agenda for a while and Pilates would help me out there. Conveniently, a Pilates class is run every Monday evening at a local church so I booked myself in for set of four sessions and off I went to the first.
Well, it was disappointingly tame with shoulder rotations here, and leg stretches there, what on earth is this really going to do to help me? I’ll tell you, it made me feel sick, after 45 minutes I was very close to going outside for some fresh air as I was so nauseous. I got home that evening and after 2 hours I felt no better and had to take myself off to bed. The next day my head was floating around like a Jager-bombed teenager and my torso was tightening up like Barry Manilow’s face. I under-estimated the power of these gentle moves and vowed to go back to continue the conditioning.
Incidentally, I Googled ‘nausea doing Pilates’ and there are limited cases of it put down to low blood pressure and low blood sugar, but I know they were not to blame. However, motion sickness was also cited as a possible cause. I know I don’t travel well, but I may have to draw the line at taking Stugeron before my next class.


To try and keep this blog looking interesting required some pictures to go with every entry, so what better way of showing this off than pictures of me running through the Hertfordshire countryside. So after a run one evening, I collected my camera and tripod and took it out to the fields beyond Westfields and set up some scenarios to capture using various time delays. Fortunately there were not too many people wandering the countryside wondering what this idiot was doing running circles around his camera. I had a varying amount of success with some of the shots, but the whole portfolio was not helped that the base of tripod was missing so I had to rest the camera precariously on the top and hope that it didn’t throw itself off when the auto focus kicked in.

High altitude training.

A weekend of intense, high altitude training in the warm climate of the Spanish hills above Malaga were due. However, we went with some friends to their house in Spain and ate paella, drank wine and danced around their swimming pool at 2 in the morning with a selection of musical instruments made from towels. Looking at hills was the best that could be achieved this weekend.

Distance run this week: 6.31 miles
Accumulative distance run: 29.7 miles
Accumulative distance cycled: 14.91 miles